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Low rates for Ireland and the United States


frequently asked questions

Q .How do I get a rate of 1.9c/min to Ireland and 12c/min to Mobiles in Ireland ?

Download our FREE App called the "SKYTEL DIALLER" for iPhone or Android

Q. What do I need to use the SKYTEL DIALLER APP ?

You just need an iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

You also need a good WiFi connection . A poor WiFi connection will result in poor quality calls.

You should then use access numbers to get better quality.

Q. I need a Serial Number to use the SKYTEL DIALLER app, where do I get this ?

Just login as if you are going to recharge your 10 digit pin on the home page of Your Serial Number will be displayed.

Q. Can I use your PIN save feature ?

Yes. Dial your access number, enter your PIN, and when you are told your credit, press *1. The next time you dial your access number you will be told your balance without having to enter your PIN.

To remove the PIN that is saved against your phone number , press *2.

This feature is only good if you recharge the same PIN, not purchase new ones each time.

Q. How do I add credit ?

Simple. You can add credit anytime at any time of day, or you can call us from the USA toll free at 1 866 865 9296 and we'll do it instantly.

Q. Can I get good rates from Ireland ?

Yes. You can get really low rates from Ireland, or anywhere in the world. Please see our rate finder on the home page of

Q. Is ordering on CelticTel website secure ?

Yes. We use WorldPay in the USA one of the largest online credit card processors on the internet. All transactions are fully secure.

Q. Do I have to switch long distance carriers ?

No. All you need to do is call the toll free number we give you from anywhere in the USA and you are ready to make calls. Call from home, work, your cellphone, a payphone etc.

Q. How long do I have to use up credit ?

All orders are sent in $20 . Order $60 , and we will send you 3 x $20 PINS. PINS have no expiry date if they are topped up within 180 days.

Q. When I order - how long before I recieve the order ?

Orders are instant. Subject to screening for fraudlent orders.

Q. Can I call other countries ?

Yes - you can call within the USA for 1.9 cents/minute, to the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden etc. for 1.9 cents/minute. Please see our rate finder on

Q. What happens when I run out of credit ?

Will you charge my credit card automatically ? You have to visit again and re-order a new pin or recharge your existing pin on or by calling 1866 865 9296.

We will not automatically charge you - it's up to you to re-order when you are ready.

Q. Does the same rate apply to calling mobile phones in Ireland and from payphones ?

No. All companies charge more to mobile phones. We charge 12 cents/minute which is still competitive but alot more than the 1.9 cents/minute to a land line. There is a 99 cent per call FCC mandated for calls from payphones.

Q. If I have more questions - what is the best way to contact Celtictel ?

The best way is by e-mail at

If you want us to call you- please send your number we will be more than happy to call you.

Q. How can I contact you by telephone ?

Please contact us in the USA by calling toll free 1 866 865 9296